Exhibitions/ Promotions/ General Meetings

Nowadays, it is hard to create a buzz for a new product. Customers, as well as the media,  are hard to impress and expect for everything to get bigger, better and more spectacular. New products cannot be launched without implementing promotions and new marketing strategies. Even presenting a product during an exhibition is getting more and more difficult. If you want to stand out from the masses, a special exhibition appearance has to be created.

Why do you need Zeisch GmbH to launch your product, create your promotion or implement your exhibition strategy?

Sometimes it is hard to maintain an “outsider's perspective”, when a company is deeply rooted in a specific sector. We will bring new ideas and innovations to the table and will help you to realize those projects.


"Dank der professionellen, enthusiastischen und unkomplizierten Unterstützung von Zeisch war unsere Swimming Garden Party auf der MS Christoph Merian ein voller Erfolg. Unsere Gäste waren begeistert und  

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    4153 Reinach
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